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With passion, enthusiasm and courage

Blunik Chrono System, S.L.


Blunik's story began in 2005, when Josep Maria Carreras, engineer, inventor and motoring enthusiast signed up with his daughter Esther to 1st Rally 1000 Miles, which left Barcelona and ended in the Baís Basc.

The car chosen was the Dyane 6 white, which they dressed up with a few stickers in their own style.

During the previous months they were creating an electronic device to measure speed more accurately than the car's odometer - because the dyane's speedometer needle move very much!-, so they incorporated an internal clock to be able to calculate the speed and internal memory to be able to program it.

The whole thing was an adventure! We had no idea that that prototype with four white buttons, a blue screen and no box would be a future Blunik.

Blunik Chrono System, S.L.


During the following years Josep Maria and Esther we did a lot of rallies, where apart from having a great time they were inventing functions and improvements by Blunik, Until consider how to make timekeeping more precise and faithful to reality and at the same time make the work of the beloved timekeepers lighter, which in those years was manual way under the rain and wind.

Not knowing where the project would lead, we developed regularity timing devices inspired by the photocells of rally timings speed The rally organizers in the area welcomed us with open arms and bet on a substantial improvement in accuracy, reduction of personnel and human errors. Our spirit was to achieve more sportsmanship and enjoy all parts of the competition regularly.

The era of word of mouth, of chatting, meeting people, listening to anecdotes, listening to demands and offering exchanges of knowledge to the pilots and co-pilots of the moment led us to to be a well-known and recognized company in Catalonia, Spain, Andorra, France and Portugal.

Blunik Chrono System, S.L.


Since 2010 we have carried out timings for all kinds of organizations, from clubs of friends, modest teams to large sports clubs and high-prestige rallies. Mainly in Europe and sometimes in rallies in Morocco. As well as we have also advised and equipped cars, novice drivers and co-drivers, experts and amateurs with Blunik devices and accessories on classic cars of all kinds, from Mustangs to Minis, passing through the beloved Porches, Lancia Stratos, and so many other cars that continue to delight.

The year 2022 begins a stage overtaken by Blunik. Josep Maria Carreras, founder of the company, left us due to cancer.

The Blunik team, workers, collaborators, supporters and friends remain committed, we are people passionate about the world of rallies, for technology and for innovation, pillars from of the birth of the company.

Thespirit of regularity captivates us, motor sport and classic cars excite us and we want to be part of it with passion and enthusiasm.

Blunik Chrono System, S.L.


Our history comes here to continue it with the best professionals.

Today, Blunik has experienced and specialized workers and collaborators.

All of them with a history of hobby and passion for the motor world that has led them, along very different paths, to be professionals, provide solutions and service.

The team that works at Blunik are involved, committed and responsible people, who work at ease, happy and happy contributing their knowledge, providing ideas and creating in a way put together the "How we do it".

The purpose of Blunik is to bring sportiness and enjoyment in the world of car rallies.

We exist to contribute a significant part in the improvement of the sport of regularity and the sport of classic vehicles.

We aim to provide collaboration services to rally organizers so that they can carry out their rallies and make a prize presentation with high sporting meaning of the good competition that has been carried out.

And we aim to provide co-pilots with tools and knowledge to make them better teams. Devices that allow them to bring out the best version of themselves themselves. Make them proud of what they have achieved. Devices and experiences that make them enjoy the road.

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