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Regularity Course to Prepare for the 2024 Regularity Rally Season!

Practical and theoretical course in the heart of Catalonia!

Many of you ask us for it, experts and novices. When will you have a regularity course?

Well, here it is, and it already has a date, location, and content. Let us explain it to you in detail.

Date: February 24, 2024

Location: Multipurpose Hall, 08589 Perafita, Barcelona (25 minutes from Vic, 1 hour from Girona, 1h30 from Barcelona, 1h50 from Lleida, Tarragona, or Andorra).

There will be a theoretical part, perfect for novices and the less experienced to learn regularity concepts. And those who already have rallies under their belts can ask valuable questions and learn tricks and strategies to improve.

Then, Esther Carreras, an expert in Blunik devices, will explain in detail how to use Blunik devices and get the most out of them.

To finish, there will be a practical part. Here is where you can put your learning into practice, and where those who come prepared can fine-tune their driver, co-driver, and devices to start the season well-prepared.

You can register for the theoretical part, the practical part, or both.

Get excited to come as it is one of the few opportunities to prepare well before the season starts (limited places).


Theoretical Content (By Ramon Surroca and Lluçanès Racing Team)

  • The philosophy and sport of regularity on open roads.
  • Regularity basics, measuring, calibrating, and navigating.
  • Following road-books in sections and links.
  • How to follow regularity.
  • Options and co-driver devices to follow regularity.


How to use Blunik (By Esther Carreras from Blunik)

With a device with a simulator, which we will project on the screen, you will see how to use Blunik and exploit its functions:

  • How to calibrate and verify the probes.
  • How to program sections and changes in average.
  • How to follow the regularity as a driver and co-driver (Screen and Led line).
  • How to start a section.
  • How to adjust your demand as you move up levels.
  • How to square meters in different ways.
  • Various tricks to handle situations.
  • Answering all questions.


Practical part (with Blunik Precision Chrono timing)

  • We will set you a different challenge in each run.
  • We will give you the result run by run so you can see results, interpret them, and learn.
  • There will be 2 people at the roadside, Esther Carreras and Ramon Surroca, to give you feedback on each run.


Want even more? Super affordable price!

Register at this link or contact or via WhatsApp at +34.617.088.336


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