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Historical car championship in Italy

With European style regularity and timed by Blunik Precision Chrono.


We are proud to announce that Blunik will be present, yet again, at the timing center of all the rallies of the Italian National “average” regularity championship, known as the “Italian Championship Rally Auto Storiche”.

Italy dove into “European style” regularity only a couple of years ago, many pilots where wishing for it; precision regularity on closed roads.

It must be said that in Italy regularity rallies are not very noted, as classic timed regularity rallies with a pressure switch at the end of the ZR are more common.

Blunik has contributed in collaborating towards its repercussion and being able to guarantee maximum precision timing with our habitual Blunik Precision Chrono system.

If the “average” regularity rallies in Italy follow the steps of the national championship, Italians will make themselves a name in other regularity rallies in Europe.

Let us explain a bit about each rally:

The first scoring competition for the Italian national championship will be none the less than the ex-world championship Rally Sanremo. There’ll be both speed and regularity cars sharing the infrastructure, route and ZR’s; some as mythical as the “San Bartolome o Bignone” ZR’s.

The Rally Lana Storico, will have its starting “parc fermé” in the city of Biella, this is a rally with a lot of history, in its moment it was one of the most important rallies of the Italian national championship of the seventies and eighties, but it disappeared from the calendar in the nineties, only to return as a historical rally a few years ago. As an anecdote, Biella, the city where the rally is based was where the mythical Lancia Stratos was designed.

The Rally Campagnolo, organized by the Club Isola Valentina, will be the third scoring rally for the championship. Located in the beautiful city of Vicenza, in it you can find very fast ZR’s with high average speeds, where the bravest and most efficient teams can demonstrate their quality.

If besides of the rally you wish to enjoy the environment of the magnificent island, you cannot miss the Rally Elba, it’s beautiful ZR’s cover the whole island, with some very magnificent views. Once the rally is over you’ll be able to enjoy the more centric streets and a great atmosphere, with its typical Italian restaurants, where you can savor the typical Italian cuisine.

The Rally Costa Smeralda, located on the pretty island of Sardinia is another of the mythical rallies of the Italian championship, formerly scoring to the European regularity championship. The center of the rally is located in the glamorous city of Porto Cervo, located at the center of the Costa Smeralda, the favorite place chosen by many artists to spend their vacations; where you’ll find Europe’s most incredible white sand beaches.

And finally, another of the best Italian rallies, the Rally “La Gran Corsa”, located in the Chieri area, it is known for its fantastic ZR’s for historical vehicles and its high level organization, this makes it an unbeatable event to end this fantastic championship, in which we hope to see you take part.

In all the events, Blunik will count with the collaboration of Mr. Federico Lastrucci, a well-known personality in the historical rallies in Italy.

It is probable that there’ll be many more inscriptions this year, therefore if you are reading this from Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain, Austria, Luxemburg, Croatia or Slovenia consider participating, for sure it’ll be a good decision!

Convince yourself to take part, “Average” regularity in Italy!

If you need any more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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