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about regularity rallies in Europe

We start the Challenge RX

A new hobby of the motor world in regularity.

For weeks now, Blunik has been creating the "new reality" of regularity rallies. We have put ingenuity, imagination and effort. So...


We start the Challenge RX

a virtual competition

with car, road and real pilots

in the world of regular sports


What is Challenge RX?

The challenge RX is a new hobby in the motor world where the social part is virual and the gasoline part is on the road, with your rally car or with a street car.

The Challenge RX is the sum of the RX Loops.

What are RX Loops?

They are tours of emblematic, mythical roads, where you can enjoy the driving, landscapes and stories of the area. They will normally start and end at the same point. They have several "Check Points" and several "RX Zones".

There are different Loops, and they will have different coefficients for the Challenge RX.

The first available Loop is the "Les Gavarres Loop".


Regularity Experience: an experience in driving, regular co-piloting and navigation by veteran teams and apprentices with sports or tourist spirit.

What does it consist of?

The challenge is to follow a rotometer, go to the check points, and go through the RX zones accumulating the minimum points.

The Blunik-RX device will show you on the screen the speed indications to follow, and at the end of each RX zone it will tell you the accumulated points of the zone made.

How to take part?

  1. Join "Club RX" (By e-mail or by filling out this form)
  2. Choose the loop or loops where you want to participate.
  3. Collect Blunik RX device - for rent -
  4. And ... on the road to have fun!
  5. Return the device.
  6. Receive feedback from Blunik via email.
  7. Comment and interact virtually with other participants (Via Whatsapp group, Facebook, Telegram ...)

Call us at (+34) 617.088.336 or

Where is it done?

At the moment it is done in Catalonia, in the Health Region of Girona: Alt Empordà, Baix Empordà, Garrotxa, Gironès, Pla de l'Estany, Ripollès and La Selva.

We will be opening new Loops throughout Catalonia, and if we can also outside of Catalonia.

More info here.

When is made?

Loops are made during free hours and on the day you want.

Who can participate?

Anyone who has a car, and with the pilot / co-pilot combination you want. With street car or car prepared for rally.

Experienced or inexperienced regular fans.

The car does not need to have any special installation.

For example: A veteran pilot alone, a pilot plus apprentice co-pilot, with the family, pilot-co-pilot exchange.

Will it be a virtual rally?

Yes, it will be a virtual rally, with the times we are going through it has to be like this. It will be all virtual except the car and the participants!

We will share the experience through a group of whatsapp, emails, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. We will all be there to share, explain and present your opinions!



Call us at (+34) 617.088.336 or

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