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New features 2021 of the devices for RAID and Dakar Classic

Your regularity equipment for the Dakar Classic

At Blunik we develop the devices in parallel with the evolution of the competitions, so we have worked to give you the best features in the devices to do Raids and Regularity raids, such as the Dakar Classic.

Below is a summary of the highlights of the BLUNIK-RAID and its accessories.

BLUNIK-RAID highlights:

  • Reliable and legible clock and stopwatch.
  • Precise speedometer and odometer.
  • Programmable with multiple averages.
  • Comparison of constant regularity and automatic average change.
  • Simultaneous measurement with probes and/or satellite
  • View options, with total distance, regressive distance, regularity distance, CAP, and GPS position.
  • Key to freeze data on screen (total distance, partial distance and stopwatch)
  • Functions for all kinds of raid and specific functions for the Dakar Classic.
  • Mechanically robust and reliable device.
  • Accessory options for the pilot and co-pilot.


  • CAP navigation and monitoring functions.
  • 1 extra keyboard accessory for the co-pilot: B-FULL PAD.
  • 2 visual accessories for the pilot: LED LINE and MEGA SCREEN
  • One-click distance measurement change from probes to satellite.
  • Option to monitor regularity without prior programming.

What you will achieve with the blunik-raid & accessories dakar kit


  • You will improve regularity on extreme terrain!
  • You will improve stage after stage!
  • You will manage to be in the exact place at the exact time.
  • You will achieve zeros in the classification

If you are a co-pilot

  • You will have the information you want when you want it.
  • You will be able to “set” distance whenever you want and in the most suitable way.
  • Have reliable data for the navigation.
  • Delegate the task of monitoring the regularity to the pilot.
  • Have more time to be able to manage other co-piloting tasks.
  • You can check programming and self-correct during the section.
  • Make the synchronised departure in your minute.

If you are a pilot

  • You will be able to monitor regularity at all times and not depend on the co-pilot.
  • Know if you are delayed/advanced at all times (LED LINE).
  • Know by how much you are delayed/advanced (MEGA SCREEN).
  • Know if you are recovering or losing distance regarding the point where you should be


Kit digital program co-financed by the next generation (eu) funds of the recovery and resilience mechanism

NextGenerationEuGobierno de españared.esKit DigitalPlan de recuperación, transformación y resiliencia
+34 617 088 336
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