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Regularity Experience -RX- timing and scoring.

Regularity Experience -RX- timing and scoring.

RX: A new style of regularity, a new motor sport and new scoring method.

Regularity Experience-RX- is a new way of doing regularity. Points do not represent seconds of delay or advance at a secret control. Points are a measure of your constancy doing regularity during the whole route of a timed ZR. In the following paragraphs we’ll explain in detail.

How is timing done with RX?

The Blunik-RX device is who measures the following of the regularity, that is the device is who times you.

Technically to do so it uses the measurement by satellite of speed and distance and the measurement of time using an internal precision clock (which is also synched by satellite).

The Blunik-RX is an all in one device, it performs 3 tasks:

Task 1: It shows you at every moment what speed you have to follow. It is programmed ZR by ZR with the speeds that the organization has defined for each ZR.

Task 2: It shows you the difference with the following of the regularity, so that the co-pilot can tell the pilot what to do to be able to win. That is, it calculates the difference between what is programmed and what you are doing in reality.

The way it shows this is with the regularity distance, the graphic screen and the LEDs. The regularity distance shows you your advance or delay in meters. And depending on this distance of advance or delay the graphic screen has more or less bars or the LEDs are one colour or another. LEDs and regularity distance show the same information but in different ways.

The information in meters on the regularity distance is very intuitive (as well as very precise) and easy to manage when adjusting our vehicles’ speed. The Blunik-RX device also shows you other data like the speed you are doing or the kilometric point you are at

Task 3: The third and last task the Blunik-RX performs is to time you. Who is better to do this? It has all the information (the information it has shown you) So it penalizes you when you are not following the regularity and it gives you the fantastic amount of zero point if you are doing ok.

 How does scoring work with Regularity Experience?

Penalties in RX are for delay or advance because this is what is measured, but the points given in the results do not represent either tenths of a second, seconds or time altogether. Points in RX are just that, points, and they are always positive (bigger than zero).

The points of penalties are calculated from your precision in following the imposed speed, and by measuring how much time you spend following regularity.

The vehicles’ tracing does not count, the covered kilometres do not count, the chronometers’ time does not count nor does the current timestamp. All that counts is the delay or advance you have at each moment.

During the whole ZR the RX device is measuring your regularity, and at each kilometre it computes the points. This is why in the results you will see the ZRs with details about each kilometre.

All the kilometres weigh the same in the results. This means it is equally important to do well in a kilometre where the imposed average speed is of 30 Km/h as it is in a kilometre where the average speed is of 70 Km/h.

For each kilometre the Blunik-RX supervises if you are doing zero advance/delay and the amount of time you are able to maintain the average speed, and thus maintaining the blue LED lit. In the case of not doing zero delay/advance then obviously who is further from zero will score more and who is closer will score less.

Your regularity is measured live while you are doing the ZR, for this reason at the end of each ZR the device will add up your points and show them on screen. This score is exactly the same score that will be published in the resulting classifications along with the racing numbers. This is a sample of the transparency and impartiality of the timing system.

For example, if you manage to maintain the BLUE LED lit constantly for a kilometre you’ll score zero points, if you maintain the BLUE+GREEN or the BLUE+RED LEDs lit you’ll score 20 points, with the GREEN or RED LEDs lit constantly you’ll score 40 points, with the GREEN or RED LEDs flashing slowly you’ll score 80 points and withe the GREEN or RED LEDs flashing quickly you’ll score 160 points.

Remember that REGULARITY EXPERIENCE is about maintaining the following of the regularity the maximum time that is possible.


If you obtain 0 points in one of the classifications’ section, it means you have done a whole kilometre with the BLUE LED lit.

If you obtain 20 points in one of the classifications’ section, it can mean many things. Maybe you have done a whole kilometre with the BLUE+GREEN or BLUE+RED LEDs lit the whole kilometre, or maybe you have done part of the kilometre with the BLUE LED lit and then lost track of the regularity distance. You, and only you, know the truth and can draw conclusions to be able to do better ZR by ZR, rally by rally.

However, your rivals will know who they are facing (a 20) and will be able to compare themselves with you to know if they can beat you. And you can do the same with your rivals’ scores’, see how they are doing and find motivation to beat them!


During the first 30 seconds of a ZR there are no penalties.

The first kilometre counts 30% less than the rest of them.

The maximum amount of points per kilometre is 100, but if the majority of your penalties are for advance you get a -200 in the results.

Regularity Experience -RX- timing and scoring.