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Devices for classic 4x4 cars for regularity raids like the Dakar Clas

Blunik Raid options, functions and accessories

Led Line, Mega Screen and Full Pad

At Blunik we have more ideas than we can make reality, so we choose the best to implement them in our devices.

After the Dakar Classic 2021 we took note of the pilots, co-pilots and teams’ needs, and began to develop new functions for the Blunik Raid. The result is that we have made new accessories to give you what you really need in your classic 4x4 car to pass the most extreme regularity raid tests.


  • Regularity indicator for the pilot. Line of LEDs (blue, green and red).
  • Indicates accumulated delay or advance.
  • Also indicates if you are recovering or losing distance.
  • Option to view LEDs directly or reflected in the windscreen.
  • Adjustable intensity.
  • Small and light for positioning wherever you prefer.


  • Digital screen for the pilot.
  • Shows regularity distance and speed.
  • Large digits.
  • Three figures on screen: regularity distance, speed and average speed.


  • Extra keyboard for the co-pilot. (Cable connection).
  • One-click direct functions.
  • Faster stage programming.


  • Calculates distance with information from all the satellites
  • Uses all available satellites in the area
  • Precision of 2 m per 1 km
  • Intelligent management software of the satellite information according to coverage, speed, course, etc.


  • Robust probes for precise measurements.
  • Measuring of your course.



  • Integrated precision clock and stopwatch.
  • Manual synchronisation of the time with the official time and/or automated synchronisation via satellite.
  • Programmable stages. Programming adapted to the Dakar Classic.
  • You can programme average speeds, average changes, times and distances.
  • Automatic average changes during the stage.
  • Modifiable programming during the stage (ideal for self-correcting!).
  • Continuous regularity indication during the stage. (Indicates by how much you are delayed or advanced)
  • Indication of regularity by distance: “regularity distance” in metres
  • Regularity indication with LEDs: blue, green and red.
  • Synchronised departure to the exact minute and countdown.
  • Option to monitor regularity without prior programming.
  • Indication of average accumulated speed and key to reset the average speed. 


  • Measure the distance with 3 satellite networks (with the INTELLIGENT ANTENNA device).
  • Measure the distance with Dual: with sensors and satellite.
  • Intelligent probes/satellite management.
  • Constantly measures and shows the speed.
  • Counter in decametres.
  • 2 calibration parameters of 6 digits (probes and satellite).
  • Maximum total distance 9999K99, maximum partial distance 9999k99.
  • “Reverse count” for reversing and “Not count” for manoeuvres.


  • Simultaneous display of 4 figures on screen (only useful data on screen).
  • Change view with the VIEW key (the data you want on the screen).
  • SPLIT: key to freeze data on screen (total distance, partial distance and stopwatch).
  • One-click function to correct metres. Programmable key +10/-10
  • Function to correct metres at a way-point. Put TAG, validate TAG at the point.
  • One-click distance measurement change from probes to satellite.


  • Show longitude and latitude (format XXXXX)
  • Shows CAP (0º to 360º)
  • Compares “setpoint CAP”, “current CAP” and difference.
  • Shows monitoring/correction of CAP in numbers and with LED LINE.
Blunik Raid options, functions and accessories