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Electrical moto SEAT MO Record Guinness maximum distance in 24 hours

SEAT MO asked us for the timing of two Record Guinness

Challenge of timing achieved and two Record Guinness achieved

This year 2022, SEAT wants to beat two Record Guiness with the electrical motorbike SEAT MO and they contract the chrono with us. The two records consisted of doing the maximum of kilometers during 24 hours with an electrical motorbike. The first record had to be done as a team, with some pilots, and the other one, individually, with one pilot.

At Blunik we like challenges, so we agreed to do the chrono with all the responsibility needed.

For SEAT MO, the pilot team and the technical team was a challenge, they could tell you about that. But in this we want to explain how we lived the experience and how we resolved the chrono part, always supervised by “Record Guiness”.

The 24 hours chrono in a circuit is not a complicated chrono, the circuit has a wonderful and fixed chrono system. SEAT and the Record Guiness invite us to use our Blunik Precision Chrono, a chrono and mobile system. This system can take passing times with accuracy at the tenth of a second.

The goal was to count the laps in 24 hours. To count twice and to deliver, in an hour or less, the documentation that proved it. SEAT needed time for each tour and race pace always. Finally, we had to do two 24 hour tours, so we needed to manage the batteries. The requirements were not so simple.

We are used to managing about 6000 data for the passing times of the cars for different participants. In this challenge, we had to manage 900 data (and 900 of “back-up”) for a single participant. It seemed easy, we had to verify that the infrared light reached the motorbike when we arrived at the finish line, and the boxes with the installation of the TIC at 10 meters.

Battery management was another important point to know. Transponder batteries weren't a problem for us, and had 200 hours autonomy. Sometimes we have to chrono rally week-long and we don’t need to charge them. So, for 24 hours we didn’t change the transponders.

TICS is a device that takes the time of the passage of the motorbike. To manage them, we just need a schedule. TICS batteries can manage more than 10 hours and we can check the battery life. We charged the batteries every 8 hours.

All the Record Guiness procedures were challenging. During all the tests they ask that there be an official witness and an official timekeeper, to give all the information needed.

The witnesses were teams of two people, counting all the tours manually. 

The third question in our challenge was to deliver all the documentation and evidence showing the Record Guinness. We had to give them all the information about the times of passage at each turn, number of turns and the kilometers. We had to give all the information in duplicate in two different controls, and as quickly as possible. It was easy for us, but we were nervous there. 

The Record Guiness officer came early the last half hour to finish the test and observe all the data. We received lovely congratulations for our job and to present all the documentation in an orderly and clarifying manner. But the best part is when we listened to “Yes, Record Guiness achieved”

A Record Guiness is a very special event and we are proud of Blunik to be the timekeeper in two Record Guinness on 6 and 7 October 2022.

Thanks to SEAT MO and SEAT HISTÓRICOS. We enjoy working as a tandem with you! It begins to be a tradition, on 2017 Blunik were present at Record Guinness with 600 cars SEAT 600, and this year with the Greatest distance on an electric scooter in 24 hours by a team in relay and the Greatest distance on an electric motor scooter in 24 hours (individually), what’s the next event?

SEAT MO asked us for the timing of two Record Guinness