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The Dakar 2021 has a regularity category for classic cars

The Dakar 2021 has a regularity category for classic cars

The largest raid in the world will have classic cars throughout the race.

We don't know who's the person who proposed the classic car category at the Dakar, but the idea and the philosophy is fantastic. We are already looking forward to seeing the cars and buggies of the 80s and 90s!

Many of you know that the Dakar is the greatest raid in the world, and many of us dream of doing it one day. Well, the dream is getting closer and closer for all those who are in the world of classic cars and / or in the world of regularity.

The experience of living a Dakar is always memorable for the whole team. For the pilot and co-pilot I would dare to say that it is an extreme experience, full of adrenaline and competition.

We want to go! If you lack someone in the technical team, we sign up!

Jokes aside, preparing a Dakar is a team effort, it is a tough raid when riding on the terrain and it will also be tough for co-driving, following the roadbook and orientation. A lot of attention to the terrain! Technically the whole team has to be very prepared. Mechanics are the central point, so the driver and co-driver have to dominate their car from all sides.

We believe that regularity will provide an incentive for competition for those teams that cannot assume full speed during all stages. There will be less speed, yes, but it will be necessary to manage regularity.

We have looked at the regulations and we see that the sections between 30 and 70 km will have changes in average, as well as average high and low according to category and type of car.

We already know two teams that will participate:

The Catalan team (Andreu Vidal and Pere Maimi), who are making a car that will be spectacular, and the French team (Team Sunhill buggy 1982/83), who already raced for the Dakar a lot of years ago.

We would like to follow all the participants of the Dakar Classic 2021 closely, so please let us know if you are registered at

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