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Opinion of a co-pilot and pilot about "Regularity Experience"

Sergi Blasco ( Andorra Winter Rally 2019

With Regularity Experience, you just need to enjoy!

There was a time when participating in Regularity was not easy. Or at least, this is what the experts have told me: tables and more tables, pyramid, constant calculations... Definitely exciting for experts, but also complex and even hindering the new generations to this modality of motoring.

But like so many things in our sport, technology has democratized Regularity, and in what way. That is why, a few days after participating as a co-driver in the Andorra Winter Rally 2019, my first regularity event, I spoke with the people of Blunik: I thought it would be interesting to share my opinions about the Regularity Experience, the new way of understanding the regularity that Blunik has released in 2019. And it makes everything so easy, that you can even dedicate yourself to being competitive!

To be honest, I did not know that I would accompany my friend Ignasi Dominguez (Ford Escort MK 2 Gr. 4) in the right seat until one week before the rally. In addition, my experience on the world of Regularity was limited to an introductory course and some talks with long-standing co-pilots, friends of our medium

We went ourselves in the assistance of the rally and there, although our Escort already has a Blunik installed, Esther introduced us to the Blunik RX, the mandatory device in the Andorra Winter Rally. With Blunik RX, the way to manage the co-driver's tasks changes radically:

  • In these events, the Blunik RX is the only device to use, it is installed by the organization and it is mandatory to incorporate it.
  • The device already incorporates ALL the information on the roadbook and the media changes, making it a plug’n’play system.
  • Schedule the entire stretch at all times.
  • As it is based on the timed time, it does not take into account the path or the usual meter correction.
  • No transponder required.

It is clear that Blunik seeks, with this new way of understanding Regularity, to enhance the equality of conditions between teams. And in turn, facilitate the participation of those teams that consider the Regularity of precision somewhat complex.

And how it works?

As simple as following the conventional Blunik system, with the red (too slow), green (too fast) and blue (optimal speed) LEDs. In this case, since meters must not be recalculated, the strategy is almost only to fight against the theoretical rhythm and reach the blue LED for as long as possible.

At the level of penalties, it is also simple: if you do it right, you keep 0 points, if you lose or earn meters with respect to the theoretical pace, you add points, up to a maximum of 100 points per kilometer. And logically, whoever has the least points wins.

From the inside, the experience using the Blunik RX was magnificent. Although being a closed road regularity, my task as a co-pilot was limited to repeating “Ignasi, faster! Faster! ”, While in Blunik the distance with the theoretical average was getting more and more away… things of rolling on snow and ice, although that was the grace!

Six timed sections and two hundred kilometers of liaison later, I can affirm that a bright future awaits the Regularity Experience. The Blunik RX makes the strategic part of Regularity very simple, focusing on the sporting aspect.

This modality is limited at the moment to events on the road closed to traffic, but with a lot of room to improve and innovate in the formats, anticipates a bright future for the organizers of rallies who opt for it.


Text: Sergi Blasco ( for Blunik.

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