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Blunik II Plus, the rally tripmeter favoured by classic car co-pilots

Blunik II Plus

Device for rally co-pilots, with maximum precision and maximum adaptability for all types of historic rally.

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Blunik II PLUS is the evolution of Blunik II, it is now a compact, simple and accurate rally tripmeter for rally co-pilots, designed and conceived for participation in “classic car racing” such as regularity rallies, regularity sport rallies and navigation rallies.

Blunik works for all the co-pilot’s tasks:

- Follow the route set by the organisation (follow the roadbook)

- Follow and check the imposed speed at all times.

- Compensate for the route of the automobile when it differs from the route of the organiser.

The Blunik II PLUS device numerically indicate your adherence to the regularity, as well as adding or subtracting deviations, constantly recalculating for correct indication at all times.

  • Negative number, you must accelerate (red LED)
  • Positive number, you must slow down (green LED)
  • 00 Perfect, carry on like this! (blue LED)

Blunik II PLUS is compact, integrating all the necessary functions in a single device:

- Clock, stopwatch, screen and keypad.
- Rally tripmeter and odometer –real distance gauge-
- Speedometer –speed gauge-

Blunik II PLUS is a simple device:

- It has a keypad with just 12 keys, appropriately labelled.
- It has a digital screen showing 4 data simultaneously (it has different views so as to visualise 4 at a time)
- Instruction manual of all the operations, and the functions of each key.
- Extra information via the internet, mail and social networks.

Blunik II PLUS has maximum accuracy since it has:

- High precision, easily synchronised, internal digital clock.
- Super-fast processor that recalculates for your corrections from the start of the sector.
- Instant calculator for the Space / Time / Speed tables. Programming functions.
- Software and control for reading 1 or 2 sensors at a time (® Blunik)
- Calibration with accuracy of +/- 1 m in 10Km.

Blunik II PLUS is a device for all types of co-pilots at all levels. Amateur co-pilots and beginners use Blunik so as to enjoy the navigation, the scenery and to get acquainted with regularity.

Expert and competitive, professional driver and co-pilot teams use Blunik and all its functions so as to improve second by second, fraction by fraction, until reaching their sporting goals in “classic car racing”.

It is supplied with a connection cable, Velcro and a new operations manual (you can choose the language). Sensors not included.

The sensors are bought separately.

The recommended sensors are Blunik brand Magnetic Sensors, highly reliable and easy to install.


The Blunik does the numerical, mechanical and boring part.

The co-pilot and driver add the intelligence and the sport. They drive, think, say what to do and when to do it.

Co-pilot and driver decide and act, they get it right or wrong.

Blunik only does what we tell it to do, and it does it quickly, efficiently and without errors.

The driver, co-pilot, car and Blunik team always reach the podium together. Get ready to be on the podium!


All the Blunik II functions are in the functions chapter. Click here.



Building on the experience accumulated over several years with BLUNIK II, we have redesigned the software so as to better adapt to current rallies.

The concept of the BLUNIK II has been maintained, going a step further in terms of speed and safety of use.

The processing for the sensors has been improved.

The parameters have been compacted so as to minimise the keystrokes required to activate the necessary functions.

New functions have been added, such as:

  • A distance can be directly applied.
  • The roadbook can be introduced (or surveys) in each sector.
  • At each figure in the Roadbook it tells us the distance to validate. When the distance is validated, it is applied and the SPORT CALCULATOR can adjust the parameters.
  • It anticipates the changes of average for us, indicating on the screen whether the next average will go up or down. This information is displayed on the SCREEN and with the ACOUSTIC or SUPER ACOUSTIC)
  • It anticipated the changes of visual measure for us, indicating on the screen that we have to push START.
  • A time offset can be programmed, Useful for manual timings or GPS with truncation in decimals.
  • It enables the new accessory B-DATA FAST. Ideal for inputting a lot of data quickly.
  • JP Mode (Imposed tables) can deal with irregular distance tables.
  • Immediate change of JP (Imposed tables) to imposed measures without changing the Sector
  • It can calculate the average change of a partial.
  • It can be programmed to add or subtract xx metres per kilometre.
  • It includes a new manual, with details of all the functions.
  • It can also provide new functions to the Screen.


The first version of BLUNIK II PLUS is 5.00


If you have a Blunik II, you can transform it into a Blunik II Plus and have all the new features.

More information here.


The Blunik II can be connected to the following accessories.

SCREEN II - Driver’s screen
SPORT DRIVE – Route compensator
SPORT CALCULATOR - Route compensator + Calculator
ACOUSTIC – Acoustic warning
SUPER-ACOUSTIC - Acoustic warning
B-PAD – Numerical keypad
B-DATA FAST – Device for fast data input
B-REMOTE – Remote keypad
PEDAL – Pedal for marking with greater accuracy and hands-free.

Regularity Rally equipment

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